Seafood Industries is heavily involved in producing new technologies for its own aquaculture farms and other fish farms

According to CS Monitor, a European study found out that the pollution from an average salmon farm is equivalent to discharging raw human sewage from a town of several thousand people. Such an immense environmental input has to be avoided and that is why sustainability, especially in the form of open-sea fish farms, is the future of fish farming.

The international fishing industry employs more than 50 million persons and is highly inefficient. New technologies and innovations did not make it deep into the fishing industry. Seafood Industries AG has been seeing this market opportunity for a long time.

Excellence and innovation are at the heart of everything we do

Starting from our state of the art hatchery, through our processing operations, to our distribution network, we take extreme care to harvest the perfect fish, with complete traceability at every step. We make sure the fish is harvested in the sustainable manner, meaning that no premature fish are captured, proper numbers of fish are harvested, proper labelling of products is in place and the process is well documented and compliant with all procedures in place.

Our fish are raised in an open water environment, far offshore and away from sensitive ecosystems. Located 8 miles off the coast, our waters are deep and pure. Our fish are raised in low-density, fully submerged pens; swim in high-energy currents and never see the same water twice. Our approach means a natural growing environment for our fish, lower risk of disease and no traceable impact to the surrounding ecosystem as the fish are not in contact with wild fish in this area and their breeding is all natural.

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