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Fish Food

Seafood Industries is combining innovation and latest food technology to become one of the biggest players in the fish feed industry.

According to the Worldbank, the fishmeal rate in fish food will globally be dropping in the nearest future (from the 0.22 ratio in 2000 to the estimated 0.10 by 2030) and thus new fish feeds need to be produced quickly.

With demand for fresh fish going constantly up (over 8% annually in the last 40 years, according to the World Ocean Review) and captured fish supplies going constantly down, Seafood Industries puts a special focus on sustainable seafood production. It therefore teamed up with some of Europe’s and South-East Asia’s best food technologists to develop a highly innovative and unique “High Protein Fish Food” which is produced solely using natural and sustainable resources.

The South-East Asian team is currently in the last phase of testing the new type of fish feed and will soon roll out the first prototypes (see picture beside).

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