Innovation is the key to the growing demand for fish

Our strategy involves moving aquaculture out into the open sea where the water is pristine and currents are strong and steady enough to continually flush the farms off fish waste and pests, such as sea lice. The open sea also provides farmed fish with more consistent salinity and temperature. This means they are less stressed and less vulnerable to disease, which promotes better growth and minimizes the need for antibiotics or vaccines.

There are numerous research programmes being held worldwide regarding decreasing waste from fisheries, lowering the environmental impact of these (e.g. by minimizing the amount of water needed for closed fisheries) or causing aquacultures to less impact other species. It only shows how important investment into innovation in aquaculture is. So far, the results are promising and more and more scientists, but also governments, organisations, universities and tradesmen, are investigating opportunities in research and clean, sustainable aquaculture technologies.

Seafood Industries AG has therefore partnered with a variety of companies and research institutes to develop new kinds of fish farm cages which will be benefiting the environment and the fish. But they also will benefit the fish farmers as they are up to 20% more cost efficient than traditional fish cages which are currently used.

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